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Relationships aren’t always easy…especially in high-stress professional environments that can take a real toll on your home or work life.

So, what’s the secret to success?

At Living with Lawyers, we believe in creative solutions, concrete skills, and refreshing
ideas — all delivered in fun, informative presentations by Christine Jones to inspire growth and support wellness.

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Make it lively and make ‘em laugh with a powerful presentation on what matters most.

Living with Lawyers is the innovative alternative for your group event, bar convention, retreat, or office training.


Whether you have one hour or three, Living with Lawyers offers workshops that will make your event stand out from the crowd—and get the crowd standing. Informative and fun, rewarding and relevant, Christine Jones’s signature workshops provide a much-needed break between legal
skill-building and business development.

Acquire a different kind of expertise: Christine moves the focus to helping lawyers and the people who live or work with them cultivate healthier, more fulfilling, less stressful relationships.

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Breakout Presentations and Keynote Speeches

Christine Jones’s informative, authentic, and dynamic speeches not only present the most current relationship research, they engage your audience with inspiring ideas and effective exercises. Lawyers spend enough energy on abstract theory. It’s time to mix it up!

Christine presents real techniques for real life. Her breakout presentations and keynote speeches provide lawyers and their other partners with concrete skills that they can actually use.

Less Semantics, More Romantics

Christine’s signature presentation designed to enhance lawyers’ relationships with their spouses and significant others.

Less Grief, More Brief

Christine’s workshop specifically designed to enhance lawyers’ relationships at work. Material can be tailored to address working relationships with colleagues, coworkers, or staff.

“Lunch and Learn” Presentations

Living with Lawyers understands that sometimes all we have time for is a bite to eat. So, let’s make it count! Christine Jones’s innovative, hour-long “lunch and learn” presentations help lawyers and their co-workers improve office relationships.

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Facilitated “Happy Hour” Discussions

Finish the day with a social and educational discussion about effective relationships. Facilitated in a less formal environment, Living with Lawyers’ “Happy Hour” discussions include five helpful tips and techniques for working together and learning to show up well in your lawyer relationship.

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Ready to step up the good stuff with the
lawyer in your life?

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