Lawyers can be tough,
Living with them doesn’t have to be.

Living with Lawyers provides creative solutions, concrete skills, and refreshing ideas to help lawyers and the people who live or work with them cultivate rewarding connections and build successful relationships. Better Relationships. Better Wellness. Better Work.

Less Spin, More Win.

The law is an adversarial profession.

The same personality traits that make lawyers great at their
high-stress jobs can take a serious toll on their interpersonal relationships—both at home and at work.

  • Competitiveness
  • Skepticism
  • The propensit y to scrutinize the “meaning” of absolutely every little thing…

Sounds familiar, right?

Living with Lawyers offers engaging workshops and dynamic presentations to help lawyers and the people who live or work with them thrive in their relationships—despite the stress.

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Unique solutions for a unique environment.

The need to act as “verbal gladiators” at work reinforces behaviors that can wreak havoc on lawyers’ interpersonal relationships and home lives: they stonewall conversations, have a high need for control, and try to avoid any appearance of weakness.

Furthermore, the heavy demands of a lawyer’s job often impose negative consequences on their wellness. Stress, substance abuse, depression — these issues are common in the legal profession. All too often, they extend into lawyers’ personal relationships as well, significantly impacting the people closest to them.

Our Mission

Living with Lawyers was created by founder Christine Jones in response to the unique pressures that the legal profession places on interpersonal relationships

Her signature workshops, presentations, and guided discussions promote awareness through dialogue, concrete ideas, and useable strategies specifically designed for the legal community.

Her goal? To enhance the relationships between lawyers and the people who live with them, day in and day out.

  • Spend less time dissecting what things mean and more time doing meaningful things.
  • Turn the things that drive you crazy into strengths.
  • Stop “scoring points” and start communicating.
  • Create connection and have more fun!

Ready for a fresh perspective to level-up your lawyer relationship?


Living with lawyers can be tough.

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