It’s time to make living with lawyers a little bit easier.

Living with Lawyers was founded on the premise that lawyers can and should have healthy, happy relationships with their co-workers and significant others (you know, their other partners).

Meet Christine Jones.

Over 30 years ago, Christine married her lawyer, Steve. Well, technically, she married him before he was a lawyer. And they stayed married during law school, throughout his career as a litigator, and while raising four children—all of whom have successfully survived their parents’ arguments with flying colors.

When it comes to living with a lawyer, she’s a pro. But that’s just the beginning of her story.

Christine has been an educator and training and development specialist for over 15 years. She has conducted classes and professional trainings at universities, for health care providers, and with community organizations located across the United States.

She is all about sharing knowledge and ideas to help solve problems, motivate growth, and inspire change.

And boy does she see a need for positive change in lawyer-land.

Not only do lawyers have high-stress jobs, they often have strong competitive drives, a highly developed sense of skepticism, and advanced training in the art of semantic warfare. While these characteristics help lawyers succeed at work, they frequently pose significant challenges to lawyers’ interpersonal relationships.

Add in the fact that stress, substance abuse, and depression are endemic in the legal community and, well… it’s no wonder that lawyers’ interpersonal relationships can get tough!

That’s why Christine founded Living with Lawyers.

Learn to Live with Your Lawyer

Living with Lawyers offers informative and inspirational speaking engagements to help lawyers and the people who live or work with them understand each other better. And thrive.

Christine’s dynamic presentations draw from her own experience, her training as a Gottman Principles Leader, a health educator, the expertise and techniques of respected relationship specialists, and insights compiled from the people who know best—people like you, who live and work with lawyers, day in and day out.

It’s high time for real talk, real relationships, and real change. And here’s the promise: we’ll keep it real fun!

Read about our signature workshops and presentations.

Behind the Scenes

Meet Luke.

After helping raise two puppies for “Guide Dogs for the Blind,” Christine adopted Luke, one of Guide Dogs’ “career changers.” Behind the scenes, Christine and Luke volunteer as a Therapy Animal Team, visiting hospitals, schools, and recovery centers around the Salt Lake City area.

And it turns out that Luke and Christine share an important interest: lawyers! (Apparently, it runs in the family.) During finals week at the local law school, Luke can be found assisting stressed-out law students maintain their sanity.

That’s right! Living with Lawyers believes in less legal, more life.

Ready to step up the good stuff with the
lawyer in your life?

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