Less Semantics, More Romantics

Since starting my new business Living with Lawyers, LLC, it has been both fun and amusing to see the responses people have when I tell them about it – particularly from people “in the know,” i.e., those who have some sort of association with the legal profession. 

  • “What a good idea – I love it!”
  • “They are their own breed.” (From a practicing psychologist.)
  • “Why, because it’s such a dream?” (From an older litigator that I sat next to at the Utah Bar Convention.)  
  • “Do your clients just go straight from your presentation to my office?” (From a family law solo practitioner who specializes in divorce.) 
  • “I know someone you should talk to…” (This has come up several times, as recently as the last time I was getting a manicure and my manicurist told me about one of her clients who is struggling with her 20-year marriage after her lawyer husband went out on his own; my manicurist wanted to take my card.) 

In my presentation I ask the audience, “Why is the profession so hard on relationships?” 

Some of the shout outs have been: 

  • “Because we’re so stressed, we’re often a-holes!” 
  • “No time for relationships from too much to do.”
  • “We’re argumentative and fight to win.”   

Answers like these and the stark statistics regarding lawyer wellbeing issues (I have a PowerPoint slide titled “I’m Not Making This Up,” showing the high rates of mental health and addiction issues among lawyers) have showed me that I am embarking on a journey into a unique territory with a profession that doesn’t want to show weakness, yet struggles with significant challenges with wellness and interpersonal relationships.

My goal is to inform and inspire, start dialogues and conversations and offer practical yet empowering relationship strategies and insights to help those who live and work in the often-turbulent legal world.  

I love the lawyer that I have been married to for many years and hope to use my personal experience and the input from others I’ve interviewed, combined with top relationship experts to offer support, solid ideas and encouragement.  

Ready to level up your legal relationship and awareness as a lawyer or someone who loves them? Then I’m your girl. 

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