Humorous Road Sign Reminders

After living in Seattle for more than 20 years, we moved our family to Salt Lake City because of a job change for my spouse.  One of the fun surprises I’ve encountered in Utah are the humorous electronic overhead road signs that offer funny and friendly safety reminders of things everyone knows, but don’t always do. 

This past Labor Day the sign read: 

“Workers Unite Your Seatbelts.” 

 Recently, before the big University of Utah and BYU rivalry football game, they read, “Go Red, Go Blue, Go Speed Limit.” 

One I personally love is, “Turn Signals, The Original Instant Message.” You get the idea. 

One of my goals with “Living with Lawyers” is to offer pithy yet helpful reminders that we all need in order to enhance relationships and help keep them safe on bumpy roads and potentially risky intersections. 

Some examples of these ideas are available in two separate PDFs that you can access through my website,  They are meant for both lawyers and their significant others and are titled “Seven Relationship Tips for Lawyers” and “Seven Tips for Living with a Lawyer.” 

Like the road signs, these tips are reminders that help fill in the sometimes-sizeable gap between “what we know” and “what we do.” 

A sample of these “road sign reminders” read “Less Oy, More Joy” and “Check Your Gauges.”  Check out these PDFs for the ideas behind these examples and hopefully they will help you on your journey.

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